रविवार, 6 दिसंबर 2009

Dont expect, be happy

When a mountain of expectations are broken
With a minor offense
With a slight injury
It hurts lots of surround,
a tiny puncture
in the balloon of hopes
empties everything in no time.

a wound at heart can be filled
But a sting on the spirit
Lives years & years

Compulsions are in relationships
Which makes to bow the self
until then stays distances
while no bends
In my eyes it's commitment to bend
In a good purpose
Be merged into the ocean like a fickle river
this bow is dedication to love
Love is where there is dedication,
Union with the divine soul
Is a result of bending,
And thus you get rid of the prick of the soul
Why such big mountains
do Stand So high
Not worthy of a mild little hurt
don’t expect a lot ,
But be happy

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